The person who smokes weed must know the feeling of Munchies. It’s a term given to the tendency for marijuana which makes people super hungry.

There is a popular movie named Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies, if you are a stoner you must have seen the movie. So in this movie, the two friends get stoned to de-stress, and all of a sudden they feel munchies. It’s actually a pretty common thing to get super hungry after being stoned.

So why do we get so hungry after consuming marijuana? And are the same effects possible when taking CBD as well?

So here I will tell you why you raid the fridge after getting high. Let’s dive into the article to know the fact. 

What Usually Triggers Hunger?

So there is a scientific explanation for getting hunger after smoking weed. In a 2015 study,  researchers found that weed impacts the brain’s central feeding system. It leads people to feel hungry even after being full. 

So primarily this feeling caused by THC which is a cannabinoid in marijuana. It has a unique molecular shape. It has the ability to bind to receptors that are found throughout our brains. These receptors are reason to influence things like neurotransmitter and hormone release. These can lead to different kinds of physiological effects.

If you eat properly and now you are full, your neuron sends a signal and then releases leptin. Leptin is an appetite-suppressing hormone. On the other hand, if you are hungry, then it releases ghrelin which is the hunger hormone. This hormone tells your body that this is the time to eat. 

How it is related to weed? So when THC has an interaction with receptors of the brain, it suppresses the leptin and releases ghrelin. It is one of the reasons for feeling hungry. 

In addition, THC can impact CBI receptors that also stimulate the release of dopamine. Dopamine release can put you in a place that you cannot control your cravings and you can feel even better than it normally would.

Don’t Forget About Your Sense of Smell:

What I said earlier is not the only reason to make you hungry. Some researches show that there are cannabinoid receptors that influence your food tastes and smell. If you use medical marijuana, it can make food taste and smell better to you.

Does Everyone Get the Munchies?

No one can guarantee that there will be a spike in appetite after consuming cannabis. However, on average you’re less likely to feel starving after having THC if you have fewer cannabinoid receptors in the olfactory region of the brain.

Also, there is nothing like smoking weed cause weight gain. Some researches show that regular marijuana users were rare to be corpulence than non-users. Some other researches show that those who use weed consume more calories and have lower body fat percentages. This doesn’t mean you have to smoke cannabis recklessly and eat whatever you want. 

If you think you are getting more munchies after having cannabis, then keep some healthy snacks near to eat after a cannabis session. 

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