Colorado Marijuana Laws and Local Dispensaries

If you’re considering visiting Colorado, you should learn about the state’s marijuana laws and local dispensaries first. Marijuana has become legal in the Centennial State since 2000. Amendment 20 codified marijuana as legal and created an identification card system for patients. Amendment 20 also combined the recreational and medical marijuana laws. Getting into trouble with Read More

Harvest House of Cannabis Dispensaries in Your Area

Harvest House of Cannabis Dispensaries is committed to providing the highest quality medical cannabis to qualified patients, caregivers, and registered guests. We offer a variety of strains, concentrates, and edibles that have been carefully selected for our patients. Our experienced team provides compassionate care and education to help each patient find the products and services Read More

Understanding the Differences Between Male and Female Cannabis Parts?

Weed plants have grown tremendously over the last few decades, mostly due to humans. We’ve worked years mixing various animals from all over the globe. That type has its distinctive properties, including form, bud form, flavor, and effect. Once you mix male and female marijuana plants that are separate strains, the resulting development carries on Read More