Florida Marijuana Laws and Local Distribution Facilities are changing, and you might be wondering what they mean. First, you should know that medical marijuana is legal in Florida, and many forms have been on the market for several years. In addition, the state has passed Amendment 2, which expanded the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Regardless of how you feel about the issue, there are several local dispensaries you can visit and learn more about.

Medical marijuana is still illegal in Collier County, but there’s good news. The county’s commissioners recently approved a moratorium on new dispensaries for a year. The moratorium is intended to give state lawmakers time to write regulations for the medical marijuana industry. A spokeswoman for the county said the moratorium doesn’t mean that patients can’t use marijuana, but it’s also intended to protect the community from potential harms.

Those seeking to use medical marijuana should get a license from the Florida Department of Health, and the state has a statewide registry for people who are registered with it. Before you can purchase medical marijuana, you’ll need to visit a Florida dispensary and talk to the staff. Remember to ask questions and demand results of tests. You also need to contact your state representatives and tell them that untested medicine is unacceptable. If you’re worried about getting ripped off, make sure to check out Leafly politics.

Florida Marijuana Laws and Local Dispensaries

It is illegal to use cannabis in Florida for recreational purposes, and the law does not allow you to grow or use any amount without a license. While possession of less than 20 grams is still illegal, the penalties for carrying a small amount is less serious. A misdemeanor conviction could mean a year in prison. If you are caught with more than 20 grams, you could face felony charges. And if you’re selling your cannabis for profit, it’s illegal, too.

As medical marijuana becomes legal, local governments are trying to regulate the industry. Despite the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, many local governments have enacted laws that have made it impossible for dispensaries to operate in their areas. One of those laws is Amendment 2, which legalized up to one ounce for residents 21 years of age or older. Residents could cultivate up to six plants in their home, but only three would mature and flower. They would also need to grow in an enclosed, locked space. And users would be prohibited from selling their plants to others.

The Florida Legislature is considering changing the laws to limit THC content in smokable plants. This would allow patients under 21 to buy marijuana that is lower in THC. The Senate, however, has rejected the idea. Republicans now want to extend the cap to medical marijuana for all patients, excluding those with terminal illnesses. These proposals have the potential to make the entire industry more viable. It may even make marijuana legal in Florida.

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